Puppy Contract


Thunder Run Mastiffs* Breeder: Deborah A. Jones * 269-763-3836

Mastiff Purchase Contract & Health Guarantee

The following written agreement is knowingly entered into, as evidenced by the signatures, in consideration of the purchase/transfer of one purebred English Mastiff puppy from the above breeder to the buyer listed below:

Buyer’s Name:______________________________________________________

Buyer’s Address______________________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone: ______________________________________________________

The puppy is from Litter Registration #:

Color:  __________    Sex:     __________    Whelping Date: __________  

Sire:     __________    Color: __________     AKC#__________    

Dam:    __________    Color: __________     AKC#__________    


Purchase Price ______________        Deposit _________________


** Balance must be paid in cash or money order only 

Breeder’s Guarantee:

The puppy is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club as a purebred English Mastiff.

This puppy has been seen by the breeder’s veterinarian on the following dates:­­­­______________

The breeder warrants that the puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase/pick-up/delivery.  The puppy has received its 7 week vaccination and been implanted with a microchip by the breeder’s veterinarian. 

If the puppy is found by the buyer’s veterinarian of choice to have a previously undiagnosed medical problem within the first 7 days of pick-up or delivery, and a written report by the attending veterinarian is sent to the breeder by the seller within 7 days following that diagnosis, the breeder will take the puppy back and refund the buyer the full purchase price less any transportation costs that may be incurred.

The breeder additionally guarantees that the puppy will be free of genetic defects, including active hip or elbow dysplasia, for 2 years from the date of this contract, IF the puppy is fed per the dietary guidelines mailed out.  Active dysplasia is defined as radiographic results determined to be moderate or severe by the OFA.  Should a genetic condition be diagnosed at any time during this period, the buyer will notify the seller of the condition within 7 days.  The buyer will, upon request, provide the breeder with all relevant x-rays and/or reports for examination by the breeder’s veterinarian of choice.  Should a genetic disorder be confirmed by breeder’s veterinarian, the buyer will have the option of one of the following:

  1. Return the pup/adult and all relevant registrations to the breeder and choose another pup from the next available litter
  2. Keep the pup/adult and obtain a second pup from the next available litter at half-price

The Breeder Does Not Guarantee against any non-genetic condition, disease or injury that is caused by: inappropriate diet, excessive exercise, injury (deliberate or accidental), abuse, untimely or inappropriate veterinary care.  The guarantee ends if the animal has been bred. The breeder cannot guarantee the ultimate size, weight, or suitability for showing or breeding other than to provide the buyer with as accurate a genetic disposition towards these traits as possible.

Buyer’s Responsibility: The buyer has 7 (seven) days after pick-up/delivery of pup to obtain a health exam from a veterinarian of the buyer’s choice; at their own expense.  If the puppy is found to be unhealthy at that check, the buyer must notify the seller of same within 5 days, and provide a written statement from the attending veterinarian detailing the specifics of the noted health problem no later than 7 days after the veterinary diagnosis is made.

The buyer agrees to provide written proof to the breeder that the puppy has been spayed or neutered by the age of 24 months if purchased on a limited contract. 

The buyer agrees to obtain all routine and emergency medical care for the pup/dog in a timely manner including, but not limited to, vaccinations at 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 16 week rabies, and annually thereafter. The buyer agrees to provide a premium  food appropriate for giant breeds, per the emailed list (protein to fat ratio of 24/13 or below), minimize excessive exercise, assist the pup on/off furniture or in/out of cars to minimize damage to the growth plates for a minimum of one year-more if growth spurts are still evident. Stairs and slippery floors should be avoided for the first year.  All flooring surfaces will require carpet or runners to avoid injury.

The buyer further agrees to provide appropriate socialization and/or training for the life of the dog. 

The Buyer Specifically Warrants:

1.  The pup will be raised in the home and placed in a heavily PADDED crate only when no-one is at home or when the buyer is sleeping and is unable to provide adequate supervision.  It is expected that the pup should not need to be crated at all after the age of 6 months.

2.  The pup/adult will never be transferred, relocated, or sold without first obtaining permission from the breeder.  Breeder maintains first right of recovery, free of charge, of the pup/adult and all relevant registrations if the pup/adult is not to remain with the original owner.

3.  The dog/bitch will never be bred if purchased on a limited contract.  If purchased with full registration; the dog will not be bred before 7 months one day, the bitch before 2 years or the third heat cycle.  The bitch will not be bred more than 4 times in her life.

4.  All pups produced will be micro-chipped in both the breeder’s and the family's names.  This is to provide recourse should the terms of this contract willingly be breached.

5.  The buyer will take the necessary steps to insure that all pups resulting from a full-registration breeding, whether from a bitch or from a dog, are placed in homes where they will be raised inside, as part of a family, and that those pups go home with a signed/copied contract that includes all of “The Buyer Warrants” stipulations of THIS particular contract, although the kennel/breeder name(s) must be adjusted.

6.  The buyer further warrants that the pup and/or any of its offspring will never be trained, used, or bred for any aggressive or illegal activity of any kind, including, but not limited to, dog fighting or attack guard training.  If the pup or any of its offspring are confiscated by authorities due to any illegal activity, abuse/neglect charge, or puppy mill raid, this contract will become null and void and the ownership of the pup/dog will revert back to the breeder.  In such an event, the buyer will have 48 hours to sign and turn over all relevant dog registrations, and the buyer will become responsible for all transportation and legal costs incurred in returning the pup/dog to Thunder Run Mastiffs. 

7.  The buyer will immediately contact Thunder Run Mastiffs should any growth issues present themselves including, but not limited to, knuckling, bowing, turning in or out, or a fast growth pattern in comparison to the charts sent to you to monitor against. Some mastiffs need to be slowed down, and we will work through that together.

A violation of any of the clauses in this section will constitute a breech of contract and result in a $5,000.00 fine payable to Thunder Run Mastiffs and to Great Lake Mastiff Rescue co jointly, with the legal venue to remain in Eaton County, Michigan.

By signing, all parties have read and agreed to this contract in its entirety.


Breeder_________________________________________  Date     ______________________

Buyer   _____________________________________________      Date     ______________________

Co-Owner___________________________________________      Date     ______________________





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