The puppy contract and health guarantee can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  It is wordy, which is unfortunate.  However, it is created to protect you as a buyer, to protect us as breeders, and most of all to protect the pup/dog from those VERY few individuals who would purchase a pup for illegal or immoral purposes, with no regard for the well-being of the animal.
We have heard some unfortunate stories from people who have purchased some very ill pups from breeders who gave only a verbal guarantee.  When the problems arose, the breeder would not respond.  Further, some of those breeders would only take the pup back (at a discounted price).  How many people really want to part with a pet they've had for months/years?  Few!
On the other side of that coin are people who are not fully aware of the specific growing patterns, special nutritional requirements, and exercise needs of the English Mastiff.  They take their puppy jogging, feed them high fat & protein diets, rough-house with them, or feed them supplements thinking that will make them even bigger (it does not!). This can do permanent damage to the growth plates of the puppy/dog, which can cause problems for life. 
The even bigger concern we have is protecting the pup/dog from puppy mills, and keeping them from those individuals who would abuse, neglect, or torture this gentle giant into aggressiveness.  The stories we've heard make most pet owners and breeders cry.  It is our hope that after reading this contract, such individuals will look elsewhere. 

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