English Mastiffs-like any pet- rely completely on their owners for their physical and emotional care.  Unlike some pets, however, English Mastiffs want nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with you.  Whether it’s following you room to room (or around the yard) to help you with your daily chores, wrapping themselves around your feet as you’re watching T.V., or the ridiculous belief (given their enormous size) that they were bred to be lap dogs, they CRAVE your attention and love.

This being said, please consider whether or not you will be able to provide the attention, love, and training required to accommodate this particular breed.  The average lifespan of a Mastiff is 9-10 years old, but many have lived past this age.  The emotional well being, along with the cost of physical maintenance, is a true commitment and is not for everyone.

Finally, do not believe what you have heard about dogs having no true memory-they will not forget you if circumstances cause the need for you to part from each other permanently.  Yet life can throw us all some unwanted curveballs; the loss of a job, a forced move, or the departure of a loved one may necessitate the need for you and your canine companion to part.  If this is EVER the case with a puppy/dog you have taken home from us, please remember to call us before finding another home for your friend. 

Voltaire at 5 Months & 100 lbs. (BIG Lap Dog)


I'll Watch T.V. with You!!



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