Apartment vs House


English Mastiffs do not require a lot of room to run about, unlike many other breeds of dogs.  In fact, they spend a good portion of their day sleeping (and growing), especially when they are pups.  They do require exercise, but short walks are plenty for them when they are young.  In fact, it’s a very good idea not to walk too far, because when a mastiff pup gets tired, they lay down right where they’re at and GOOD LUCK moving them! (Our daughter’s pup, Voltaire, pulled this on her in the middle of a street.  He was 5 months old and 100 lbs.  A car had to stop and the woman inside had to help her move him!)

This being said, most apartments are plenty large enough for a mastiff IF your landlord agrees (preferably in writing) to allow you to have a pet this large and IF your pup will not have to navigate a lot of stairs.  Just provide adequate excercise and plenty of room to sleep (which may require a MUCH larger bed, if you're anthing like our family!)


Voltaire and Sarah sacked out after college mid-terms


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