English Mastiff Champions and Show Wins

English Mastiff Champions and Show Page

Not everyone shows their mastiff, and we understand that.  But for those families who do, we want to use this page for bragging rights ;o)  Here are some of the shows our animals and offspring have participated in!

Volt earned his first major in Indianapolis taking:

Winners Dog February 12 (1 point)

Winners Dog AND Best of Winners February 15 (5 points)

He earned his second major at the International Show in Chicago taking:

Winners Dog February 20 (1 point)

Winners Dog and Best of Winners February 22 (4 Points)

Winners Dog April 17 Bloomington K.C. (1 point)

Winners Dog April 19 Bloomington K.C. (1 point)

He Championed in Columbus, Ohio taking:

Winners Dog 11/12 Sandusky K.C. (1 point)

Winners Dog 11/13 Dayton K.C. (1 point)


Voltaire is currently working on his Canadian Championship.  He's been out one weekend and took:

Best of Breed 10/24 Belleville, Ontario (1 point)

Best of Breed 10/25 Belleville, Ontario (1 point)


Zayle took Best of Breed and Best Puppy Easter Weekend in Canada (at just 10 months)


Zayle at 10 months - Arnprior, ON

Zayle at 1 Year -  Kingston, ON Sweepstakes Group 3

Zayle at 1 Year - Mastiff specialty 2009

Mastiff specialty 2009

Richmond, ON - 2 points!



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English Mastiff Champions and Show Wins
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