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**The platform on my site is on needs to be replaced-so most current photos are on facebook, until I get time to switch over!  The link for facebook is highlighted in blue, further down the page.  Hopefully once school is out I can get to it!  We have 4 boys and 10 girls now...so it REALLY IS outdated and I won't get time w/teaching, school, and litters to do it til summer. 


PUPPIES Born January, 2015.  4 Fawn Males, 3 brindle males and 3 brindle females available.  

(I've yet to figure out why, but the website is best viewed in EXPLORER.  I can't even get half of it to load when I'm using my Mozilla Firefox)

American Champion Thunder Run's Voltaire




Voltaire's son, Rousseau


I am trying to get the website updated now that we are up to a crew of more than a dozen.  But between teaching, grad school, and pups I often run out of time.  Often, the most recent updates hit facebook first.  IF you are a user, please add me as a friend using the link below.




We are lovers of the English Mastiff breed and have 5 of our own mastiffs, 10 co-owned mastiffs and a few other pets in northwestern Illinois.   Some might think we're nuts, but our animals are ALL inside-although they regularly romp their yard and go for walks. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO INSURE CORRECT FAMILY SOCIALIZATION!

                                                                                 OUR BOYS

At 7, Voltaire was 230 lbs.  He is 34 inches at the shoulder..  He was Penn Hipped on September 14th, 2007 and there is no evidence of djd (degenerative joint disease) or cavitation.  He was cerf'd and cardiac cleared November, 2008.  He is an AKC American Champion and it sure didn't take him long to achieve that.  Voltaire is an apricot.

At 3 years, Rousseau is 252 pounds..   He is a record 38" at the shoulder.   He is the product of a breeding between Voltaire and a Tamarack/Mystique girl from Eternal Mastiffs.  Rousseau is an apricot.

Orson Wells is 3 years and 220 lbs. now.  He's 34 inches at the shoulder.  He is a Guinevere/Voltaire boy and he is destined to be a BIG boy, too. 

Rollo (Rolls-Royce Siver Ghost) is 3 years and 220 lbs.  He is a nice slow grower and just hit 200 a few months back. He's currently 32 inches, a nice slow grower with VERY heavy bone.

Vinnie (Thunder Run's Vincent, son of Voltaire) is 3 years and a 210 lb. boy from Voltaire and Athena.  He is 33 inches. He just recently joined our crew.

                                                                                                OUR GIRLS

Billie  (RETIRED)is 175 lbs. and is 28 at the shoulder at 8 yrs.  She will be 10 in December.  She was Penn Hipped on September 7th, 2007 and there is no evidence of djd (degenerative joint disease) or cavitation.  Her grand-dam was 220 and and she threw large pups based on those and Voltaire's genetics. We will be breeding the grandbabies we kept back from her.  Billie has been retired for the last 5 years.

Macy, Athena, and Jasmine (RETIRED) are all large and beautiful siblings who were kept back for our breeding program.  All will be 7 in December and have been retired.  Athena and Jasmine are about 30 inches and are both in the 180 lbs. range.  Macy is 33 inches and 170 lbs. 

Minerva is our most angulated and athletic girl and is just now 150.   She throws pups much larger than herself, although her litters are small.  She is 30" at the shoulder and has excellent angulation. 

Guinevere comes from outside our lines and was 210 lbs. at 3 years, 34 inches tall.  All her immediate lineage are champions.

Matilda was 3 this summer, 2013.  She is also outside of our lines.  She is 165, 31" at the shoulder, and still growing.  Like Minerva, she is a very slow-growing and athletic girl.  She is extremely attentive and beautiful, and we are really looking forward to her litters.

Petunia is our first kept grandbaby.  She is the product of Athena x Orson Wells.  She will be a year November 1, 2013.   At 10 months, she was 32 inches and 140 lbs.   

All of our pups come with a 2 year written health guarantee, are vet checked, have their 1st set of puppy shots, and are microchipped. Our animals are our babies and we treat them that way. Our litters are limited and we only place pups in homes that plan on treating their mastiff lovingly and as a member of their family.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out the mastiff questionnaire and we will add you to our update list.

We hope this site will give you some useful foundation information on the English Mastiff and a great idea of the lines our babies come from. We certainly enjoyed creating it!  Please feel free to contact us anytime to talk "Mastiff".  The quickest way to contact us is by emailing us at dfranke716@hotmail.com.  You may also try our phone at 269-967-6764.

Deb and the "Crew"


Sorry...these photos are outdated...but when I update the platform ALL the babies will be on the site...In the meantime, Facebook is the best place to see the updated photos! 

Please click on the name under the photo to see more -  including Volt's show photos

             Voltaire-230 lbs. and 34" at 6 years               Billie-175 lbs. and 28" at 8 years -Momma's retired


Macy-165 lbs. and 34" at 5 years          Athena-180 lbs and 30" at 5 years    

                                                           Co-owned w/Barbara Kirby      

Minerva -150 lbs. and 30" at 4 years          Jasmine-180 lbs. and 30" at 5 years

                                                                             Co-owned w/Barb Clark


                  Guinevere - 210# and 34" at 3 years       

and now a word from our SEO company

Welcome to the home of the gentle giant. We are Michigan’s premier Old English Mastiff breeder and take extreme pride in our Mastiffs. Here at Thunder Run Mastiffs, we are dedicated to breeding quality, champion English Mastiffs that are not only the best in show, but are also truly man’s best friend.

English Mastiffs are the biggest dogs known to man and they have some of the best temperaments of any breed. They are extremely calm and gentle, making them the perfect family pet. Originally bred to be guard dogs, Old English Mastiffs have a true family orientation that makes their desire to bond and their drive to guard and protect even stronger. Our Mastiff Stud Voltaire is the sweetest dog on the face of this earth, but at his 230-pound size no stranger is comfortable entering our yard without us present.

Mastiffs are a very versatile breed. They are great for a single person home where they get a lot of one on one attenti

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